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Amanda Evelia Romero

Legal Assistant

Mandy is Hedman Family Law’s Legal Assistant. She has her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, from Portland State University. Mandy began at Hedman Family Law in November 2023 and realized quickly that she has found her ‘home’ in Family Law. Her academic background focused on experiences of individuals and their families who have been affected by incarceration. She approaches each case with compassion and is more than happy to invest her time to support and achieve the best outcome for our clients. Mandy enjoys assisting clients with scheduling appointments, receiving discovery, preparing materials for court proceedings, coordinating services and experts for each case, communicating with, and updating clients, and is also a Notary Public of Oregon.

Mandy believes in honesty and communication as the keys for obtaining the family’s best interests—and this is backed by our firms’ values. Mandy has a reputation for being caring and empathetic, leading every conversation with kindness.

Outside the office, Mandy enjoys spending time with her pets (two dogs and one cat), indoor bouldering, and getting out into nature for dog walks and group hikes. If you come to the office on the right day, you may meet Mandy’s dog, Lola the Dachshund. On occasion, Lola serves as Hedman Family Law’s “Director of Emotional Support”. “Lola” approaches each person with a welcoming wiggle and burst of doggy noises which translate to “I’m so happy to see you!” with an underlying message, “Wouldn’t you rather take me for a walk?”