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For over a decade, Attorney Natalie Hedman has helped her clients with helpful guidance and compassionate support. Read what past clients have to say about their experience with Hedman Family Law, L.L.C. Call our Gresham family law attorneys today to schedule your initial case review.

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  • Thank you Natalie for not only being my attorney, but for also being my friend.
    I would like to give my sincere appreciation to Hedman Family Law Office. Natalie, Gwyn, and staff stood by my side no matter how trying my case got. I always felt at ease knowing they were by my side guiding me through this most difficult time in my life. I had a caring and compassionate experience working with Natalie and her team. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the results they were able to deliver in my litigation. Especially in dealing with a hostile ex. Natalie is an incredible attorney that fights for the rights of her clients from start to finish. The team at Hedman Family Law Office took excellent care of my family and I. I would most definitely recommend this legal team if you want a dedicated, compassionate, and professional team to be in your corner. Thank you Natalie for not only being my attorney, but for also being my friend.

    - Joyce L.

  • I fully recommend putting your confidence in Natalie Hedman
    Natalie believes transparency is important while she negotiates on your behalf, as without it, you would not be aware nor feel you are participating in your own solutions. In my own case, I was enlightened to say the least. I was proud of Natalie and myself for being on the right side of moral behavior and ethical practices. I learned some pretty important lessons I will take with me into my future from Natalie's guidance in how to stand up for myself and speak clearly for what is fair and honorable. The most important lessons I learned from her are not to give up, stay the course, be reasonable. And, most importantly, be decent. Despite at times when I was impatient and lacked understanding of complicated legal processes, Natalie and her staff treated me with kindness and professionalism. I have a clear conscious that my divorce was fair and protected what was most important to me. Natalie helped me to get there by negotiating those terms brilliantly, so much so that she closed beyond what I expected to receive with a decisive final move. Without hesitation, I fully recommend putting your confidence in Natalie Hedman's capable hands, heart and impressive legal mind.

    - Former Client

  • Natalie is a world apart from all the rest.
    An absolute expert. I brought Natalie a massive amount of confusing information and paperwork. She was familiar with it all. And cleared it all up for me. She was an expert with every single question and worry I had regarding my divorce and custody. She was patient and kind on top of it all. She knows her stuff! And she knows how to interpret it to a layperson like myself. I had unfortunately seen other lawyers before. Natalie is a world apart from all the rest.

    - Joshua

  • Natalie cares about her clients and will do all she can in the best interest of the families she serves.
    Five stars is not enough! I was a client for over a year and have nothing but wonderful things to say. If I ever need an attorney again I will go back to her and I live over an hour away from her office. If I ever need help with anything legal, I am going to call Natalie first to see who she recommends. That is how much I trust her judgement. Her fees are fair, clear, and worth it. She is honest and supportive. I felt very prepared for the whole process and court proceedings which was helpful during a very stressful time. Natalie cares about her clients and will do all she can in the best interest of the families she serves. She is also an excellent communicator so if you need someone to not only take care of it all, but explain it out as well, I recommend you go see her. I was not given any money or incentive to write this review. I truly want people to know this is a great attorney that had a positive impact on my children's lives and for that I will be forever grateful. Writing an honest review is the least I can do. NATALIE IS THE BEST!

    - Lisa

  • She fights for what is right and is very passionate about her work.
    She is an amazing attorney that really knows her stuff! She fights for what is right and is very passionate about her work.

    - Carol

  • Fantastic, wonderful, knowledgeable, non-judgmental
    Natalie was extremely helpful with my situation. She is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, understanding, non-judgmental, and caring. She listened to my situation without causing me to feel foolish. I wish I would have gone to her sooner. I would definitely recommend Natalie to anyone experiencing a domestic situation especially if children are involved.

    - Rachel S

    Portland, OR
  • Knowledge, Dedication, and Perseverance
    If you are looking for a genuine person who uses compassion with her clients, then rest assured when you contact Natalie. She was so calming and navigated me through the most difficult time of my life. She advised me every step of the way along with listening and offering support. I highly recommend Natalie for her knowledge, dedication, and perseverance. She gets things done quickly and is always available when you need her. You need a lawyer you can trust who carries your best interest at all times, she is the most honest and best in this business.

    - Anonymous

  • Very Supportive
    Natalie was very supportive and encouraging. She seemed genuinely interested in me personally and well-informed on legal matters. She was quick to respond thoroughly to questions. I have already recommended her to three people.

    - Emily

  • She's Smart

    Before going to Mrs. Hedman, I saw another lawyer and was told I would need to undergo an uncertain legal battle in court and it wasn't clear if I'd win. This was not something I wanted to do. So, I got a second opinion.. I went to Mrs. Hedman. Before I had even finished explaining the details of my case, Mrs. Hedman almost off-handedly came up with a much simpler and safer solution, one that didn't involve a protracted legal battle. What a relief. She's smart.

    - Gunnar

  • Very Helpful

    I have had attorney's in the past but Natalie was well versed in Oregon laws and was very helpful.

    - Sherry

  • Passionate About Helping Clients
    Natalie is passionate about the law helping her clients negotiate the confusing ins and outs of family law. She is honest in her assessments and explanations of a given situation. She kept my family and I informed of all proceedings, always made time for my questions or concerns and most importantly she won my case. In the world of family law it's hard to define "winning" and "losing" but for my specific case, all objectives were reached with minimal expense. Great attorneys are hard to find and Natalie is one of the best I've encountered.

    - Anthony

  • Easy for Me to Talk To

    I believe that Natalie is the best attorney around and she is so easy going and easy to open up and talk too as well. She listens to me and makes it easy for me to talk to her as my advocate as I was never one to like attorneys. My case was never the easiest and she put every effort into making it always be the best outcome we could make it. I never doubted Natalie and would use her again in a heartbeat. I trusted her completely throughout this whole process and so appreciate all of the time and patience she put into this case. Thank you again, Natalie, for everything and I truly think you are the best attorney around and would definitely recommend you to everyone I know!!!!

    - Anonymous

  • I Trusted Her Completely
    Custody matters are so delicate and difficult to deal with, for me because I truly believe there are no winners. It was extremely difficult for me to accept that we were in a situation of legally battling over the life and wellbeing of the person most precious to me in the world! This was a task I could not face alone, but could barely afford to seek representation for. Natalie Hedman was a savior in my hour of need. Not only was she affordable, but she helped me keep my sanity by her consistent communication and looking at all possible solutions, angles, and possible threats in my case. I actually felt that my attorney truly cared for what was in the best interest of my child and helped me to cover bases I wouldn't have even thought of. Each document filed and submitted I was able to be a part of and ask questions about and was kept fully informed of everything going on along the way. It was my own unique case and I felt I was looked after in way I was unable to do for myself, both because I was emotionally too raw during that time and because I just didn't know and understand family law and was not experienced at thinking about the future in such a case as this. It's been 2 years that my case has been over and I still see things unfold that I think "oh man, thank goodness for the custody order covering this." I think about Natalie Hedman often as my saving grace in my hour of need. I can't recommend this attorney highly enough!

    - Joy

  • Professionalism & Class
    Natalie was wonderful and professional during my entire divorce proceedings. I /we were challenged by a very aggressive lawyer for my spouse at the time, yet Natalie displayed nothing short of immense class. She often brought in very useful insight and guidance to help achieve an amicable divorce between my wife and I. Her professionalism and dedication to doing the right thing was very comforting during the process. Her ability to answer emails/phone calls in a timely manner was very appreciated. I believe that Natalie truly has her clients interests at heart and will do what she can to achieve those goals. Deanna, the legal assistant was tremendous as well. Being constantly informed as to what was the current state of the proceedings, followed by expected next steps was crucial for me and made my situation bearable. Thank you to you both!

    - Jason

  • Very Knowledgeable and Informed
    Natalie is a great lawyer. She is organized, extremely knowledgeable about family/divorce law, a great communicator, and will definitely stick to her guns to defend you and your child's needs and wants during the entire process. On more than one occassion she was able to answer my emergency calls and helped me resolve the issues at hand quickly and wisely. I would recommend Natalie and her practice to anyone who asked.

    - Ligia

  • Very Helpful and Encouraging
    I would highly recommend Natalie Hedman as an attorney! We just finalized our settlement regarding Child Support/Custody/Alimony - everything went better than I ever imagined. Natalie was very helpful - very encouraging and had so much patience with me in a very personal and emotional situation. Natalie's knowledge of family law was amazing! If you are looking for an attorney with passion and personality - Natalie is perfect. Just a note - her legal assistant Deanna is pretty wonderful too!

    - Jill

  • Helped Me Move Forward
    I was in an abusive marriage and with Natalie's expertise she handled my situation and was able to help me move forward into a safe and happy place of self-worth. I 100% would recommend to any woman in an abusive situation to retain Natalie's service.

    - Julie