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A legal separation is like a divorce in that it makes binding contractual arrangements concerning all of the same issues that a divorce involves. These include child-related issues, property issues, and more. A legal separation differs from a divorce in that the couple still remain legally married while living apart, and the separation can be temporary, dismissed, or modified when the need arises.

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The legal separation document that is submitted to the court must be signed by both parties. Since its intent is to resolve all of the separation issues, it can be very complex and comprehensive depending on the unique situation of the couple involved. At Hedman Family Law, our family law attorneys can provide the skilled assistance you need to resolve your separation issues and draft a legally binding contract.

What You Need to Know about Legal Separation

Oregon courts will accept legal separation on the grounds that a temporary or permanent breakdown in the marriage has occurred due to irreconcilable differences. The agreement to live apart may be for one year or indefinitely. Some couples choose to legally separate when they hope to reconcile and are not ready for the permanency of divorce. Legal separation may have some benefits in the area of taxes and health insurance. It also may be sought by couples who prefer not to divorce due to religious reasons.

The legal separation agreement must make detailed arrangements for:

The division of marital assets, property, debts, and pension and retirement plans may become permanent while child-related issues may be modified as circumstances change.

Consult with Our Attorneys Concerning Your Legal Separation Agreement

Our Gresham legal separation lawyers can guide you through all of the separation issues specific to your situation and draft a contract that can meet court approval. With close to a decade of family law experience, our managing attorney Natalie Hedman has the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to help you resolve your separation through the courts.

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